a r-t-rd who talks utter b-ll-cks on a forum.
omg m8r ur a glottis!

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  • gluebag

    gluebag: any person exhibiting unusual, erattic and ridiculous behaviour or practices. (usually the result of gluesniffing) that tom cruise is a f-cking gluebag! a person who sniffs glue, derives from the method of inhilation. f-ck those townie glue bags! a plastic (usually primark) bag filled with the cheapest glue you can buy. this is then […]

  • gnaw-mee?

    slang for “do you know what i mean?” tyrone: yo, you gotsta beat dem b-tches when they don’t treat ya right, gnaw-mee? charlie: yes, i completely understand tyrone. please don’t cut me.

  • gobble robber

    a gobble robber is any person who steals a turkey (live,cooked, frozen, stuffed, cement it doesn’t matter as long as it’s a turkey), quite possibly for some unknown ritual or deviant s-xual practice. hey phil look at that b-tterball you stinkin gobble robber.

  • GodTube

    a ridiculous and bogus spinoff of the popular video sharing site youtube. g-d: “welcome to g-dtube!” youtube: “wtf?”

  • Go get 'em tiger...

    a phrase used when you are having a conversation with someone (usually a friend), and the other person is being a complete dumb-ss and doesn’t understand what you’re talking about, even though its completely understandable… but then they finally get it. john: hey, where were you today? sam: i was home sick… john: oh where […]

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