to ask a question of god, otherwise known as looking it up on google.
child: mommy, what is the point to life?
busy mom: i don’t know honey, why don’t you use the computer and googlit. oh, and honey, whipe down the keyboard before you do; your father was on it earlier.
unit of measure for google search results.
my search for p-rn on google returned 235,000,000 googlits.
a quick way of suggesting we use the internet to find the answer.

short for “look it up on the internet.”
todd asked rick, “which is the largest state fair in the u.s.?”

rick replied, “i don’t know, todd, i’ll googlit!”
“oh, here it is, texas is first, and one source says minnesota is number two, and another website says minnesota is third.”

‘ataboy, rick. you rock!”
it is what is suggested when someone requires more information on various subjects. rather than suggesting someone to, “look it up on the internet”, society has shortened to, google it.
brian : d-mn, i can’t remember how many yards walter payton rushed for in his career

josh : man that’s so d-mn easy, just googlit
1) googlit- a verb that means to look something up on google; originated as google it, but now is googlit

2) googlit- a adjective that describes a noun as legitimate, because it was proved on google

3) googlit- a noun that is actually a shortend version of “google toolkit”
1) person #1: “when did the first sp-ce travel occur?
person #2: “i don’t know, googlit!”

2) person #1: “are you sure this is the model number of the piece we need?”
person #2: “yeah i’m sure! trust me, it’s googlit”

3) person #1: “did you get google kit?”
person #2: “no, i don’t fall for those scams.”

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