a cuter word to say ‘have’
i haz cookie.
an unfunny, overused alternative spelling for “have”. typically used by teens and/or r-t-rds who believe it is clever.
teen: “can i haz that gun?”
me: “sure, lets have you aim for your empty frontal lobe.”
a word generally replacing and tense of have (have, had, has). it can as well be used before any verb or auxiliary verb. it may also be spelled as “has.”
i haz a blanket.

i haz a halo collector’s helmet, but my roomate stole it.

he haz a blanket.

i haz can do it!

i haz jumped over the blanket.
a shortening or nickname of the last name hazzard
moo: where’s haz today?
some cow: the r-tard probably slept in again.
retort, response to hi, has, what, now, snug
haz is the nickname for hayley.
haz is a girl with blonde hair, green eyes and a smacking personality. haz has no fun without a smle on her face and my god…whjat a figure
josh: “oh my god, who the h-ll is that”
david: “thats the new hayley girl i was talking to you about”
josh: “jesus shes one fine gal”
a common mistype of hax, specifically in gaming, due to the “x” and “z” b-ttons being next to each other, making it pr-ne for mistakes with fast typing. some people will purposly use this in place of “hax” or “hacks”.
oh em geese, haz… nub!

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