the derpy version of heck/h-ll
what dah herk. that lg with the leggings and uggs is cute as.
also: “herkin’ it”. verb, from hercules, mythical greek strongman. to strenuously lift or move any heavy or unwieldy object.
i need to herk this old fridge out of the house.
a portmanteau of the words ‘high’ and ‘jerk’ describing the action of taking recreational drugs (particularly marijuana and other cannibinoids) and masturbating.
after jane’s party on sat-rday, bill finished his joint and herked for an hour.

mary walked in on david herking on thursday – totally not cool!
the word “herk” is a lot term for herkamer diamonds, which are mined in herkamer ny.
yo kidd whats in that wrap. tourms zinks and herks.
can be used as a profanity

person1: you motherherkin ho
person2: herk you, herkin motherherker
person3: you son of a herk
person4: i herked that ho until she screamed “herk youuuuuu!”
a hot jerk.
graig may be a jerk, but he is one hot piece of -ss.
a name of dank mariuana.
mike: heard you got a new sack.
scott: yeah i got some herk.

mike: you got any herk?

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