hetero asexual

hetero meaning the liking or preference of the opposite gender. as-xual meaning the satisfaction with oneself.

to be a hetero as-xual can mean the possible definitions:

1. likes or has preference of the opposite gender or the form of the opposite gender, but doesn’t not care or have a desire to seek a relationship with the opposite gender. individuals with this type may also exclude female contact, or obtain a disregard or limitation to intimacy or s-xuality with the opposite gender.

2. has interest in the opposite gender’s form, but doesn’t care for -ssociation with the opposite gender.

3. an individual who obtains a personal interest in the opposite gender, commonly arousal, but has no intention or desire to -ssociate or engage in intimate relations with the opposite gender.
a hetero as-xual is a male or female that is interested in the form of the opposite gender; however, has no interest in a relationship with the opposite gender.

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