where one was born or bred. for some reason, people seem to be interested in this, and can be drawn in for an insult. this is best used against snoopers over-hearing you.
my hometown is if-you-are-sitting-at-the-next-table-wearing-blue-and-listening-to-me-you-are-gonna-get-raped-out-side-you-c-nt.
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place where a person is born and/or raised. not to be confused with one’s current location.
she was born in california, but lives in seattle. her hometown is california.
the place where you grew up or where you maintain your permanent fixed residence.
miranda was born in california and grew up in arizona, but has lived in her hometown of denver ever since she graduated from college.
a town that no one really cares about but where most people are from
my home town is (insert boring place here) and i miss it dearly.
romantic interest (generally a girlfriend, but can be a boyfriend) from one’s hometown. often used by someone in college who is away from said romantic interest. see also hometown honey.
speaker 1: “dude, you hookin’ up with that chi-o this weekend?”

speaker 2: “can’t do it man, my hometown is coming in.”
a city of great importance. might be the smallest town on the south side, but it is definitely the ghettoist. home of the hometown hornets and the loreddo…who cares. oh, and there are no blacks, and if you are black do not come through the city or you will be pulled over and ticketed.
d-mn n-gg-, you got pulled ova’ in hometown. them cracka’ -ss cops be playa’ hatin’…yo’.
when you check out a girl or guy, or notice/walk past a super hot girl/guy in a supermarket and cannot stop looking at them.
‘i hometowned that girl, f-ck she was gorgeous.’

also relating to ‘beatdown’ which is the reverse of hometowning.

‘that girl wouldn’t quit looking at me. she was so beatdown.’

‘dude i’ve gotten so many beatdowns today.’

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