awesome s-x with someone you really dig
i totally hutched mr. foxy.
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the word hutch, is a shortened version for the phrase ho-sl-t-b-tch…. hutch
“mrs. smith is a hutch”
a combination of ho, sl-t, and b-tch.
shut up, you stupi, dirty -ss hutch.
it’s ho/sl-t/b-tch
that s’reggin king hutch.
a boy that is extremely smart. awesome and is willing to spend time being the fun one. is an amazing dancer, and rapper. the hutch is different, it happens to be a guy that cares about everyone and is willing to be a great character with everyone and is funny.
alex is a hutch.
one half of the famous crime-fighting team from the 70’s tv world.
did you see starsky and hutch last night? it was great.
to strike an unnatractive facial expression during the taking of a photo.
i can’t believe he ruined my wedding photos by pulling a hutch in all of them.

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