icy hot

a lubricant most often used for masturbation
guy 1: “hey you want to come over and play magic cards?”
guy 2: “no way, i have better things to do right now. like m-st-rb-t- with icy hot.”
satan in a bottle
thats about it
guy 1: b-tch you got icy hot on ur b-lls ur f-ck-d now!
guy 2: f-ck-n satan in a bottle man…
a soothing pain-relieving lotion that is refreshingly cool and “icy”, yet also has an element of tantalizing burning, the “hot” part.
“mothaf-ckas know icy hot stuntaz got icy-hot on our nuts.” -icy hot stuntaz (“what what”)
when a female sticks a cold popsickle in their v-g-n- for a few minutes and procede to have s-xual interco-rs- right after the popsickle is removed.
she seems to really enjoy it when i give her an icy hot.
v. when a chick puts ice in her mouth whilst performing oral copulation
that j-panese hooker gave the best icy hot, for a mere 12 dollars. cold to stimulate and hot to get me off.
n¹: soothing gel for sore muscles. leaves burning then cooling sensation.

n²: gel muscle soother, used for vengence on sk-nky lover. applied to her v-g-n- to give her an intense, unpleasant burning sensation
guy: hey you want to chill?

lover girl: yeah, sure.

-moments later-

guy proceeds to sneak some icyhot on the outside of the condom

girl screams

guy: that’s right b-tch.
the alternating hot and cold flashes that result from prolonged withdrawal from a drug and or alcohol addiction.
oh my god, i was icyhot all morning while i was jonesing. i need to cut down.

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