a personal computer first introduced in 1998 and then re-designed and re-introduced in 2002. first incarnation was a pc with a 15 inch display. the 2nd design featured a 15 or 17 inch flat panel lcd screen held up by a metal arm. on the 2002 model, the display angle and position can be adjusted due to the metal arm which holds it up.
i went to the apple store to see 4 imacs lined up in a row.

my old imac, right before i trashed the piece of cr-p.
the imac, introduced on may 6 1998 by apple in the same room where apple introduced the macintosh in 1984. it was designed by jonathan ive, it’s colour is blondi blue, named after the famous beach in sydney.

introduced at the right moment, at the right place, with the right style and the right idea of an all-in-one design.

-fastest selling computer ever, at a certain point they sold one imac every 15 seconds.
– first computer with a real ‘colour’.
– computer with a handle, so you can lift it up.
– no floppydrive, which was a great move forward.
– had a round mouse, the original idea included a little light in it.
– very cheap, compared to other macs and pc’s.

in meanwhile, they made new generations of imac’s.
upgrades, new colours, new design, new style.
and in 2002, the all new imac was introduced.
it became the must-have computer, with a floating display and a very compact system.

the imac is now a icon of the 21century, which you probably know. suddenly there appeared imac colour clothes, watches, diskmans.
even the xbox of microsoft had their own imac colours.
– have you seen the new imac?
– your phone has imac colours
– my imac is sleeping now.
a computer made by apple

– looks nice
– performs well
– great for work related tasks

– less customizable than a pc
– expensive to repair (ex. you can’t just pop it open and toss a stock hard drive in there if it dies!)
imac = good work computer
pc = good home computer
an “all-in-one” computer, designed for the low-end users.
their simplicity made them popular among schools, colleges, females, new computer users, and other people who did not realize the benefits of buying a different computer that can be easily upgraded.

-no floppy drive. intended as “moving forward” but the first models didnt even have a cd-rw drive, making the simple task of transporting(not transfering) data very inconvenient.

-one b-tton mouse, again, good for 8th-grade students and for old people who may have trouble understanding two-b-tton mice.

– considered to be very cheap, but you are still getting what you pay for(300mhz, 64mb ram, 6-gig hd, built-in 15-inch display(not flat) would be costing you $800+) not a real bargain.

-a lot of schools have bought new g5 computers since their original imacs are almost impossible to expand/upgrade, making them obsolete.

if your buying a computer, keep your future in mind; if it’s an o.k. computer now, what will it be in three years? will you be able to add to it and keep it up to date, saving you money in the long run?
johnny bought an imac, it was good for a year. he couldnt buy any cheap upgrades so if he wants anything faster, he will have to spend $800.00+ on a new computer.
a type of personal computer owned and manufactured by apple inc. many people like it and many people do not like it. i think it is a nice machine but is overpriced. thank you.
i just payed $1500 for the new imac with a 17 inch screen. now i can finnaly run os x legaly!!!
really cheap pieces of sh-t that developed in 1999 then redesgined in 2002. many schools have them, and they don’t run for sh-t.
ms. gonzolez made me do my research project on mexico on an imac and the internet didn’t even work!
someone with high computing needs who doesn’t want to be tangled with the everyday problems plaguing the pc industry.
the imac was voted the year’s top computer and your pc looks like cr-p compared to my beautiful imac.

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