indie rocker

someone who listens to all kinds of rock, especially alternative rock and bands that have an independent record label.

started in great britain in the 80’s,
bloc party, sonic youth, brigade, hot hot heat and radiohead are all kinds of bands indie rockers would listen too
a person who listens to indie/indie rock, such as “the bravery,” “bloc party,” “death from above 1979,” and more. a lot of indie rockers like the long hair, parted on one side with sweeping bangs hairstyle. wear a variety of clothing, including tight pants, sweaters, v-neck sweaters with a collared shirt under it, indie rock band shirts, plaid pants maybe, slip on canvas shoes, or black rimmed rectangular gl-sses, maybe even scarves or hobo gloves. often confused with hipsters.
d-mn dude i went to this show and all these indie rockers showed up for mae, then left before the headliner went on.

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