Indo-Aryan Penis

caucasoid indo-aryan male s-x organ. slightly smaller than other aryans (eg. the irano-aryan & luso-asian),
all arya-lingas are in turn dwarfed by the negro-dravidian mean. thus, the ancient prakrit & sanskrit s-xologists found that the 3 indo-aryan types (the “white” hare’s brahmin p-n-s, the “red” deer-buck’s kshatriya p-n-s & the “yellow” bull’s vaishya p-n-s) average 6, 8 & 10 unglees (fingerwidths) (4.5, 6 & 7.5 inches) respectively. these all, however, are in turn below the “black” stallion’s shudra-lingam of 12 unglees (9 in) (ananga-ranga, 3.1).

protestant-victorian studies support these results: “the kama sutra divides men into 3 cl-sses, according to the
length of their lingam, – the hares, the bulls, & the stallions. in comparison with the negro {incl. negro-dravidian} – the type of the stallion of the human race – the hindoo {ie. indo-aryan} is a hare, but a little bigger, however, than the annamite {burmese}, who appears to me to occupy the lowest place in the scale of the comparative sizes of the genital organs… the average size appeared to me to be about 5 in. long, by 1 1/4 in diameter. few are from 5 1/2 to 6 in., which is nearly the european average, & which here appears to be the maximum.” (“untrodden fields of anthropology”, dr. jacobus sutor, vol.1, p.262-3; paris: libraire de medicine, folklore et anthro., 1898, reprint am. anthro. soc.) later studies have further confirmed the ancients.
1. a study led by dr. eduardo gomez de diego, ceo of andromedical concluded that the indo-aryan p-n-s matched the smallest east asiatics: ” … the average world size p-n-s when erect is 14 cm (5.5 in) … the smallest averages were found in india 10.2 cm (3.9 in) & south korea 9,6 cm (3.7 in).” (clickpress, wed jan 11 2006)

2. a 2-year study by the indian council of medical research focussed on the indo-aryan cities of mumbai &
new delhi concluded that “60% of men in the financial capital mumbai had p-n-ses about 2.4 cm (1 in.) shorter than those condoms catered for … for a further 30%, the difference was at least 5cm (2 in.) … the icmr survey had studied 1400 men between 18-50 years of age in cities like mumbai & new delhi …” (“oversized condoms a headache for many indian men,” reuters, 8 dec. 2006)

3. “to avoid the arya-linga stereotype, many vedic-aryan men convert to islam & become circ-mcised, hoping to increase their p-n-s size.” – -n-lysis of vedic conversion to islam

4. when i pulled down my pants she laughed because all i had to offer was a chota arya-linga.

5. “due to the annoyingly small size of the aryan p-n-s, aryan women find little satisfaction in embracing an aryan, hence, given a free choice, the aryan female will choose the shudra over a man of her own race, a fact most evident in regions with a lax caste system, eg. the far islamo-aryan north & the catholic lusitanic coasts.” – brahmin rationale for caste system.

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