It’s Sampson, Smartypants!

what was said to thurgood by sampson in the critically acclaimed and cult status movie, “half-baked”.

basically the scene entails sampson calling thurgood to set up a meeting with “mr. nice guy”, who is the accronym that thurgood and his friends have decided to use while selling marijuana to bail their friend kenny out of jail, certainly a movie worth checking out if you havent yet. hilarious.
thurgood: whose this?

sampson: it’s sampson, smartypants!, put mr. nice guy on the phone!

thurgood: (pretending to be operator) “emergency breakthrough”, sampson its shiela, mama fell!

sampson: shutup b-tch!!

you a real n-gg- now boy, ol green eyes gonna miss ya!

kenny: hey girl, you hungry?

fat, nasty black girl on the street: f-ck you n-gg- !!!

kenny: i’m sorry i was talking to the horse.

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