is the sweetest guy you may meet. he’s a gentleman, he’s smart, funny, hot, silly, and mature. he knows just what to say and just when to say it and is the kind of guy you want to spend the rest of your life with.when they fall in love they make their partner feel so special and always spoil them. will always look out for their friends and family and protect the people they love. if you’re in love with a jalla, keep them forever because you’ll never find another that’s better ♥
sidney: h-llo jalla!!

jalla: hi sidney :]

-sidney melts into a unbelievable world of happiness-
in norway(and perhaps other places) the word is used to give example of something not very cool, or not very “western”. in other instances the word might actually be used to describe everything, and it is like common to believe others understand what you mean when you use it.

as what i know, the word came from the middle eastern countries in the middle of the 1990’s, and was mostly used by teenagers(13-18 year old’s). today it is rather commonly known all around norway.

the original word jalla means hurry, and comes from iran and some other middle eastern countries. the reason the word is used as a slang-word must have something to do with how the word is proanounced, since it may sound funny for norwegians.
iranian usage of the word:

– when someone comes in a room or a apartment when there might be some women not covering themselves with a shal, iranian men shout out jalla to warn them about their arrival. this kind of usage of the word is becoming more and more obsolete lately.
– “jalla! we dont have all the time in the world!”

norwegian usage of the word:

– no: “faen du er lite jalla.” e: “f-ck, you are so jalla!”
– no: “så du på den filmen som ble sendt på tv3 på søndag eller? jeg lo meg skakk. den var skikkelig jalla!” e: “did you see that movie the other day? i almost sh-tted in my pants. it was so d-mn jalla!”
– no: “1: hva dreiv dere med den forrige dagen? 2: næsj… vi bare jalla litt rundt på kjøpesenteret vel, som vanlig.” e: “1: what was you guys doing the other day? 2: uhm… we just jalla a bit at the mall, as usual.”
– no: “den bilen der er så jalla.” e: “that car over there is so jalla.”

as you can see, it is versatily used.

(noun) jalla – slang term for a jalapeno.

(plural) jalla’s
subway worker: would you like anything else on that, sir?

ed: gimme some bare jalla’s man

tony -while eating subway-: i’ve just hit jalla’s city…

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