jim morrison

a great american poet. he had an extrodinary mind but beleived that intoxication was his muse. he changed the face of music forever. his band the doors was very popular in the 60’s and 70’s, but was no more when jim died of heart failure in 1971.
popular songs were break on through, light my fire. his breakout moment with the doors at the whisky-a-go-go.

jim morrison, being an artist of sorts

where modern rock came from (c. 1967).
jim morrison is god. he is the all time best rock-poet in the universe. he rapes all rap artists who think they can sing. his singing touches everyone who listens to him. the doors were the all time coolest sixties band, led by jim.
jim morrison sings great and puts on a good show. nelly eats d-ck.
one of the best looking man, one of the best poets
jim morrison the lizard king
jim is everything a normal guy, will never achieve. hi was not only an amazing musician, with an incredible voice, who would touch anyone’s soul, but an extremely good poet. his lyrics, are a fountain of inspiration, placed in the terrific band “the doors” whom rythms may rip your heart out, if you let them.
tell me where your freedom lies…
one of the best poets in the world.
one of the best singers in the 60’s
jim morrison : the god of rock

and to 4 : f-ck you son of a b-tch!
ha is the lizard king
he is the god of rock
a great man who was in the doors and thought he was possesed by a native american shaman at age 4. he used this “possesion”, to write the most captivating lyrics the world has ever seen. (yes even better than some john lennon stuff) some of his most famous songs were: la woman, break on through, and the end (light my fire left out because the guitarist(robby krieger (this is where it gets crazy with three parentheses)) wrote it)some of his other alter egos you might know him as are: mr morrison, mr mojo rising, and the lizard king. after his death in paris in 1971 a conspiracy arose about him being in africa living in peace and quiet. no one will really know because only three people saw him dead. his girlfriend(pam), the doctor that pr-nounced him dead, and the driver that drove him to the pierre lachaise cemetery.
me: hey taylor isn’t jim morrison god.
taylor: he can’t be. he isn’t dead remember? he’s in africa.
me: o yeah.
jim morrison was more than the typical musician or poet, he was a revolutionist and believer in the supernatural. his own inspiration with alcohol and psychadelics might have led to his downfall, but it is said that he is still alive today. he knew how to control an audience and was very interested in psychology.

the music of the doors will remain timeless, and his name will always be known.
“when you die you have to watch your whole life recurring internally forever.” – jim morrison

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