jiney is the nickname for v-g-n-.
“omg! i think i have pimples up my jiney!”

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  • jinglez

    call someone hit them up lets give vanessa a jingle… i have a big jingle cloth

  • makeout hair poof thing

    adjective – when your hair forms a wave-like existence that would be the result of a good, hard makeout anna’s pictures of me are awful, especially with that makeout hair poof thing.

  • Crash piece

    a friend whose only redeeming quality involves possessing a comfortable bed or couch to sleep on after a long night of drinking. typically found within walking distance of preferred bars and clubs. casey is such a d-ck, but he’s a great crash piece every time i get too drunk drive.

  • Mama Deuce

    mother, mom, or mommy mama deuce will be mad if i break curfew.

  • jiz dumpster

    a person who has many races j-zz stored in between toes, teeth, and pubic hairs. me, my spanish, black, and asians friends all j-zzed on this b-tch, that d-mn j-z dumpster wh-r-.

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