joe chu

a meme, also supersmart
i’m still not a joe chu, despite my efforts to be noticed

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  • flake up artist

    someone who is noncommittal or agrees to everything but then never shows up and therein flaky. so flaky to the point of being almost professional in the practice of it. a professional flaky person. hence, flake-up artist. e.g. ben: “liv! we haven’t met up in ages!! fancy meeting up this weekend? i’ll be in your […]

  • uck queen

    uck queen is a girl that is giving head and charging people whilst posting videos of it on snapchat “when you linked uck queen last night and wake up in the morning and see 3 mountains growing on your w-lly”

  • beer headphones

    (noun) the phenomenon of being sufficiently intoxicated that the house cover band at the bar/casino actually sounds good. man, tyler was so drunk last night he actually started dancing to “br-ss in pocket” by the cover band. that boy was wearing some serious beer headphones.

  • keasten

    the goat keasten is the goat (greatest of all time)

  • chicken jiggle

    the red jello-like stuff that hangs on a chickens head or a turkeys neck “what’s that jiggly stuff on that roosters beak?” “that i believe is chicken jiggle.”

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