john wayne gacy

a s-x act where you water-board someone while having -n-l s-x. similar to having doggy style s-x with your partner’s head in a toilet bowl
if you bend your head into the tub and spread eagle, you are in the right position for a john wayne gacy
a pschycopath.

who deserved to be shot in the head.
” john wayne gacy died by lethal injection, after his head was bashed wide open by a dozen police officers who he tried to entertain as a clown. ”
john wayne gacy was a very sick individual who murdered 33 people- ages range from 9-27. he buries 27 out of the 30 under his house. he also dressed up as a clown. that is how he lured little kids into his possession. he would coax and sometimes force co-workers in his house, cuff them to the bed, and suffocate them with their own underwear. he would then commit some necrophelia stuff on them, and then prry them in his crawl sp-ce. kind of creepy.
quote from him: “i should have been convicted for anything more seriosu than running a cemetery without a license.”- john wayne gacy
(intrans. v.) to angrily tear apart in a review
“if that appetizer knows what’s good for it, it’ll get on its knees and pray for mercy from sweet baby jesus, because i went john wayne gacy on that sh-t.” source: the onion

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