it is the smallest insect in the world. it can be found on the flea’s t-st-cl-s. this word is not be used literally. it is a personal insult to be used on friends.
bro, stop being a jujuleet.

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    to completely kill the mood at a bar by playing music on the jukebox that is unbefitting of the establishment, such as country at a trendy urban lounge, hardcore rap at a west virginia honky tonk, or celine dion just about anywhere. will often result in a m-ss exodus of people, costing the bar hundreds […]

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    when someone ruins something by posting it to their facebook wall every few seconds or constantly talking about it. oskar: oh dude, check out these sick beats. jonah: yeah they are okay, but that track totally got claire kwuned like a month ago. oskar: g-d d-mn it.

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