nice round br–sts, some sweet as melon jugs, they are revealed via a low cutshirt. jumblies should always be pointed out to a friend when visible.
“show me your jumblies lady!’
“psst, justin, 3 o’clock, carrie’s jumblies are on display!”
the subtle yet very noticeable action of very large br–sts (natural) jiggling against each other when a voluptious woman walks.
look at nikki and her jumbly t-ts.
i love jumbly t-ts. (sing)
all jumbled up. especially words.
her mouth kept runnin’ on, all jumbly like.
the jumblies are a people who went to sea in a sieve. their heads are green and their hands are blue, and the lands where they live are far and few, so they left on a journey for countries anew, in their crockery jar in a sieve.
far and few, far and few are the lands where the jumblies live;
their heads are green, and their hands are blue,
and they went to sea in a sieve.
a mentally/physically handicapped person, usually found in the back of a jumbo ambulance.
stop licking that window you jumbly.
the jungleberries portion of the package
dusty jumped up and bit my brother in the jumblies.

onnie’s jumblies are strangely tiny.

the wu-tang clan stole my jumblies.
a c-mbrian who likes getting on it
the f-ck-ng jumblie crew are doing wrestling moves on the dance floor again.

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