latino grouping

the belief that all latinos in the u.s.a are mexican.
me getting off the phone: si, te quiero, bye.

whiter than albino friend tiffany: hey i didn’t know you are mexican!

me: well, actually, i’m latino.

tiffany: hey ashley, did you know she was mexican?

ashley: you’re mexican?

me: not all latino’s are mexican. my family is from-

phil: wow! how did you get across the border? can you speak spanish? hey steve! she’s a mexican immigrant!

steve: an illegal mexican immigrant! dude! jerry’s uncle is a cop! you shouldn’t be telling people that.

me: i am totally an illegal mexican immigrant! i just got out of cage where ice kept me and my 7 brothers and sisters juan, juan-diego, juanita, juanpango, juan jr. juan sr. and juan-de la rosa, and now i spend my days running from border patrol.

all: wow!

me: yall and your latino grouping. i’m glad we have affirmative action and i get to beat all of you to college.

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