originally a member of one particular website who consistently proved themselves to be completely and utterly stupid. now moves on to encircle anyone doing similar on any website.
libianstar is so r-t-rded

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  • librul

    the name given to liberals by heavily-accented conservatives, generally those from the south. “dem d-mn libruls is anti-‘merican. dey don’t lack it? well dey ken giiiiiiiittt ooouuuuutttttt!”

  • wixe

    to call someone “wixe” is to basically call them j-zz or c-m “shut up you d-mn wixe head”

  • womanipulate

    what a woman does when she needs her man to do something for her. often involves batting eyelashes and making faces. “hey bro. heard your girl had you meet her parents last weekend.” “yeah i know man. it was h-ll. we’re gonna go shopping tomorrow.” “dude are you really gonna let her womanipulate you?” when […]

  • woodnalysis

    examining a piece of/structure made of wood for any faults, imperfections, and abnormalities. an important, and often overlooked, step in the wood-buying process. my bed just broke! i need to do a proper woodnalysis to figure out why. next time i’ll woodnalyze before i buy. checking the produce before buying the goods. i met a […]

  • wooly sweater

    getting v-g-n-l juices in and around areas with excessive hair. i accidentally f-ck-d her while she was on her period and i got a wooly sweater in my chest hair.

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