this is the type of girl that once she’s in your heart she’ll stay there for ever; she’s everything a guy could ever want/need. she fascinates you by her stunning looks and great personality, her voice creates a sense of happiness, every time you hear that voice it leaves you speechless, astounded and most of all so so happy. she has these most magnificent pair of sky blue eyes which gleam out and shine, making your heart warm and feeling very much in love. you’ll find yourself on your toes with this girl, she’s full of excitement and surprise, she’s a challenge but not a bad one. this girl is hard to come by, if you’ve got this girl you’re the luckiest guy in the world, as she’s truly perfect. once in love with her consider yourself locked, her superlative qualities and personality will put you off all other girls for life, as there is no one else like lola.
lola once in love with her you’re in love forever.
lola is a female name of spanish origin, meaning “strong woman.” lola is a lovely name, but carries with it the unfortunate nickname “lolita.”
my can is named lola.
an exceptionally attractive foreign female.
d-mn, look at that lola, homie. she fine.
lola is a girl that is normally/currently featured as the spokes person for opilola in opilola’s commercials.

she was a make-up model for a few years, but she got tired of it. so, she then turned to commercial advertis-m-nt for products such as shampoos and hand soaps. not too long after her first few commercials aired, a scout agent recruited her to be the spokesperson of opilola
something lola would say: “mmmm! …. drink it!
if your called lola, your one of the coolest peope alive. tends to dress like a hipster, mashed up hair, mutlicoloured nails.
“whats your name lav’?”
“my names lola”
“ooh, your pretty darn cool” 😉
usually very sweet and funny friends and girlfriends. mostly known to be very attractive and beautiful. outgoing and fun is also a characteristic. if you ever meet a lola, you should definitely make friends with her.
“her name was lola, she was a showgirl…”
“please stop singing that song, i am more than that.”
lola is a tagalog (filipino) t-tle that is used before ones name or as the name to denote the status of a grandmother. lola is also used to refer to any female friend or accquaintance generally over the age of 55 regardeless of relationship.
lola tuding gave me $200 for my birthday! my friend’s grandma is so cool.

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