Louisiana Tech University

louisiana tech is a tier 1 national university – the only tier 1 national university in the nine-member university of louisiana system. louisiana tech conducts research with ongoing projects funded by agencies such as nasa, the national inst-tutes of health, the national science foundation, and the department of defense. louisiana tech was ranked 13th nationally in affordability for in-state students and 25th nationally for out-of-state students.

louisiana tech is sadly not as well known nor as big as lsu, but that’s no reason to count us out. we have an exemplary engineering and science program. additionally, we are currently (as of feb 2013) the only university to offer a degree in cyber engineering.

let’s be honest. we’re waaaaay better than ulm.
person 1: latech is a bunch-a redneck hipsters!
person 2: i’m sorry, good sir? are you from ulm?
person 1: yeah, so?
person 2: you poor, poor soul. i understand you wish you were as cool as us who attend the humble louisiana tech university. may you study in peace.
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a university located in ruston, louisiana.
ruston itself is an empty, po-dunk town with nothing to offer. the most promising part of ruston is louisiana tech. however, la tech (as it can be called) mistakes itself as something amazing since it is the only thing within ruston. so, la tech is a school full of rednecks that believe themselves to be elitists and geniuses.

tech is also often changed into an acronym meaning
“transs-xuals enjoying c-cks hourly”
person 1: “look at that douchebag, he thinks he’s hot sh-t”
person 2: “yea, he must go to louisiana tech university.”

person 1: “they are definitely t.e.c.h. people.”
person 2: “yea, h-m-s! i saw one of them getting it hard from behind yesterday behind the wac”

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