low brow

something tasteless or intellectually inferior that is devoid of any intelligence – usually in pop culture. lacking in refinement and good taste. often but not always appealing to the absolute lowest common denominator.
“sorry, charlie – the second the silly sound effects and music with the low-brow humor start, i’m out the door. no primetime tv for me!”
a person or persons of a lowly nature; scutter,scag head, fround and looked down on, swindon
a girls who farts would in front of you would be considered low brow.
plebian, aficionado of m-ss culture, vulgar.
she was such a lowbrow she thought the weekly world news was a journal of opinion.
the opposite of high-brow. not of high quality , sub-standard ,cr-p. see also cr-ptacular.
mr 1: “went out with sarah last night”
mr 2: “dude she’s low-brow”
see: www.lowbrow.com
dude, there was some funny -ss sh-t on lowbrow.
verb: to spend inordinate amounts of time on www.lowbrow.com

abbrev: ‘brow
i got stoned last night and ‘browed for like, four hours.
someone whose eyebrows are oddly close to their eye sockets.
the proximity of her brows unfortunately makes her a low brow.

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