really s-xy. it is a last name and it likes to have s-x with people. especially people named lola
i could do a lowinger

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  • foyart

    the result of p-ssing gas in an enclosed sp-ce (such as a foyer or similar double-doored entryway) through which other people, typically members of your party but possibly also strangers, will have to p-ss through in the near future. man, i just left behind an extremely rank foyart. i hate it for whoever comes through […]

  • b**b o meter

    using (or offering) a thoughtful gauge to measure a woman’s bare br–sts. b–b-o-meters often spontaneously appear at the in-fields of the most notable, and finest nascar forums (ie talladega, daytona, brickyard, etc). cardboard cut-outs are often used for mobile b–b-o-meters, while plywood units sometimes appear at the more regular locations. b–b-o-meters readings often include, “itty […]

  • pull aside

    when a stripper at a topless only joint gives you a quick peek at the goods by pulling her panties to the side. i immediately regretted throwing five bucks down for a pull-aside at the double deuce

  • tameled

    when you get spoodled to death “i got tameled”

  • meat cupboard

    a v-g-n-. ‘hayley i want to slam the doors of your meat cupboard’ ‘would you like me to restock your meat cupboard?’

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