the front door to donatello, leonardo, michelangelo, raphael and splinter.

the black part of a mans soul.

i suppose if you g-y you could go for a man hole.
“pizza delivery..?”

“i had my heart sucked down this manhole.”

“my manhole needs service”
a male -ss..particularly used to engage s-x with if your g-y (i.e eminem and dr.dre)
eminem takes it in the manhole with dr.dre
a euphemism with s-xual connotations for a g-y or bi man’s -n-s and r-ct-m. synonymous with man-c-nt.
tony was so ached for his man-hole to be probed by p-n-s or finger or tongue — didn’t matter which one — that he settled for a fleshy fenway frank ® hot-dog until a real wiener came along.
1. cast metal circular cover providing access to an urban sewerage system.
2. male orifice, typically the mouth but also could refer to the -n-s or b-tthole.
“you are talking out your manhole homes.”
“dude you want to keep your manhole covered or someone’s gonna cap your -ss.”
something that a blonde in a skimpy skirt would go over to try to impress a guy (the guys usally tend to be named oliver).
darbi: did you see sh-lly in the streets yesterday trying to impress oliver?
nick: yea, her dumb-ss didn’t know that a manhole was hot….
darbi: haha yeah! the way she screamed made me want to pee my pants!
n. a male exhibiting exaggerated, stereotypically male, obnoxious behaviour.
“look at the definition some manhole put in here!”
the overlapping of material located on the front men’s underwear (tighty whities), long johns, etc. that allows a man to reach for himself easily, quickly, and convientently.
john forgot to adjust himself after using the batrhroom and was lopping out of the man hole of his long johns.
when a woman has an -ss hole so hairy, it resembles that of a 40 year old italian dude.
dom: dude i think jessica is comin over tonight. don’t mind the screaming, she says she’s down to take it in the -ss.

nic: i don’t know man, i stole your phone yesterday and was looking at those nude pics she sent you. to be honest, thats one manhole i wouldn’t venture into.

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