mud shark

a mud shark is any white girl who, due to peculiarities in her psyche, dates only black men. there are two distinct types of mud sharks:

type i mud sharks (the most common) are fat girls with little or no education who, rather than dating a white guy from the bottom of the heap, go for a mid range or low-end black man.

type ii mud sharks (less common) are good-looking girls (usually blonde) who are trying to make a statement by dating a black man. usually type ii’s are trying to make daddy mad.
man, yo’ mamma’s so ugly she could be a type i mud shark. how’s your brother tyrone doing?
this is a female that wants to crush her father’s hopes and dreams, so she exclusively dates black men and makes a lot of noise when accomodating the licorice stick. this type of chick either winds up dead, or with five oreo cookies and welfare money, which the fathers will spend on additional booze, wh-r-s, and drugs. it is a vicious cycle.

“man, that’s too bad about harold’s daughters turning into mud sharks. i wonder what made them so angry?” “well, he was always out killing bambi or getting smashed while they were growing up.” “oh, i see. what a crying shame.”

a white woman that dates black men, usually because of low self-esteem.
after being beaten up and turned-out again by rufus, cindy realized there is a down side to being a mudshark.
a bottom feeder. a white woman that f-cks black guys.
that fat, ugly blonde chick is such the mudshark by necessity.
a big fat white chic that goes out lookin for black men to ride.
that ho over there is a mud shark.
a white female, who is usually unattractive and overweight, who preferes to have s-x with black gangsters from the ghetto.
the mudshark was gang banged and gave birth to a little mudskipper.
a white woman (typically bleached-blonde, overweight and trashy)who almost exclusivly dates black men.
we don’t stand a chance here dude, this place is full of mud sharks.

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