nu alpha kappa (νακ), is a latino-based fraternity which encomp-sses and values all cultures.
often referred to as “nak”, nu alpha kappa was founded on february 26, 1988 on the campus of california polytechnic state university, with twenty-one established chapters across california, nevada, and colorado.
nak does a lot for the community.
abbreviation for nursing at keyboard. term popular among the breastfeeding community.
“sorry about the typos. i’m naking.”
1.) prison term for an unaffiliated white male.

2.) super annoying and lame.
all my hooch says that nak ain’t gonna last a day.

d-mn you’re such a nak, shut the f-ck up, n-body gives a sh-t!
also known as a group of kids who will get nowhere in life because they drink and smoke and are extremely white trash. they also dont know how to back their own sh-t up not to mention the unhealthy bond the group of boys have if people didnt know any better they would think it was one wild h-m- orgy. they call themselevs the neponsit ave crew…its funny how half of them dont even live there. they cling to the “older kids” because they want approval. they think they have their own tv show which is really funny, all adults in rockaway have learned to hate them people wll agree that they need a life and n-body likes them
n.a.k. sucks
referring to the most feared gang in the rockaway peninsula. known for there party-hard att-tude, drunken appearance and tendency to bang the hottest, b-tches there are. known to let out a rebell cry, “n.a.k. all day”, or “n.a.k., we run yo life!”. there are both extremely feared and envied, and women most definitely cannot resist them. they are gangst-ss
oh my god, look its n.a.k.!!
netspeak for “naked (or nude) at keyboard”. be careful before starting cybers-x because it can also stand for negative acknowlegement, and after all, no means no.
what r u wearing? i’m nak!
the most annoying thing on this earth. can refer to any fat, annoying stupid and nerdy persian.
“hi nak what’s up?”

“philtard, philtard, philtard.”

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