NAP Horse Racing

The term NAP is something associated with gambling in particular, but mainly when we are talking about horse racing gambling. There is nothing stopping the term being used for any other sport as there is no specific link to horse racing, but no one really seems to do so.

It is engrained into the history of horse racing, and will no doubt continue to be used by punters who are talking to each other.

Definition of NAP

The definition of NAP is that it is a term used by someone when they are describing their best bet of the meeting. For example, people will ask others ‘What is your NAP?’ when wanting to talk about which horses they fancy.

If someone refers to a selection as their NAP then that means it is the one they are most confident of winning on the day. This could be across every single horse race that day, one particular meeting or even a full festival when people are talking about the Cheltenham Festival for example. In the build up to the festival, many punters will ask each other what their Cheltenham NAP is.

The term is also used by the media, you will see it referred to in newspapers when you see (NAP) at the side of a selection that has been made by a tipster. When watching horse racing on TV, you will often hear people discussing what their NAP of the meeting is, and sometimes there will be a list of these for each of the presenting team on TV.

How is the Term NAP Used?

The term is only ever really used as a horse racing phrase but can be used for any type of football.

When punters are looking at the latest racing betting offers and using them, they will often put their free bets on either a NAP they have or one that someone else gives them. Those who use a set staking plan when placing their bets will have this set up so that they place more money on their NAP selection when compared to their others on the day.

Some people will even go as far as to work out what they need to put on their NAP to give them a profit on the day, even if all of their other horses on the day lose. If you are a casual punter talking to others, an avid TV racing watcher, someone who reads a race card in the paper or someone who takes betting very seriously, your NAP will mean a lot to you.

Racing personalities such as newspaper tipsters, TV presenters and others are often judged by the horses they offer advice on and the main one to judge them on is their NAP. If you are looking for someone to follow and take advice from then always look at what they deem to be their best selection and see if they win or lose when they advise these each day.

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