newton, ia

town off interstate 80, 30 minutes east of des moines. one of the largest manufacturers of methamphetamine in the entire country in the 90’s and early 2000’s, now full of opioid pill addicts. home of the original maytag washer and dryer company until they sold to whirlpool around 2008 and ruined everyone’s lives. tried to make it up by building the iowa speedway nascar track that brought zero jobs. uses old maytag buildings for a wind turbine company that brought many mexican’s from (see definition of) marshalltown, ia, and a box plant and bullsh-t entry level cr-p work. also, chicago started sending their section 8 black g-ngb-ngers to town, so now there is not just the white trash, but plenty of mexican’s and blacks. still only one asian.
” i live in newton, ia, because i do drugs or was screwed over by maytag, or both.”
methheads crankstagangsta pill heads junkies dilaudid

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