a gathering of african americans in a small huddle to shield themselves from the cold.
d-mn nig, im cold… ya’ll wanna get a nigloo?
the term “nigloo” was first used in the 1800’s to describe a housing unit for african american slaves in the mild winter of the slave states. it was a comical plantation criticism of the fob’s that have not been accustomed to a cooler north american climate.

today, the word can be used to describe any subsidised housing compound, or any type of residentia having to do with cold temperatures and aa’s.

“boy jim, fetch the others from the nigloo, we’ve got work to do…”


“man, that nigloo’s gettin full, they better be buildin another.”
1. a shoddily crafted and/or unkempt igloo.

2. what they call the “ghetto” in alaska.
“have you seen his house? that things a straight nigloo man.”

“nah we can’t have the party at tom’s house, he lives in the nigloo.”

the word used to describe a brotha’s (blaskan’s) igloo.
n-gg-r 1: dawg, where in the h-ll does you live?
nig 2: i live in a m-th-f-ck-n nigloo
1. refers most commonly to makeshift temporary housing in predominantly african american neighborhoods used during the winter season. also applies to tents or structures made of snow in the same neighborhoods during winter.
2. large dirty snowmounds that are formed when a parking lot is cleared of snow- especially if it has been burrowed into.
get up outta my nigloo bi-zatch!

man this here zebra skin rug on the floor really makes my nigloo.
square home made of cinderblocks. nigloos usually have a front door, one window on each wall and a roof. found in low income areas.
“he lives in the fourth huse on the left, between the mauve nigloo and the gas station.”
an igloo in africa
except its not made of ice
its made of elephant sh-t
i went to africa and saw a nigloo on a safari
it was the biggest i have ever seen
when it snows on the yard of a black person and unidentifiable lumps form from the trash and garbage underneath. example: refrigerators, sticks, abandoned auto parts, microwaves, dead children, car batteries, and box spring mattresess.
boy 1: “dude why is ur leg bleeding?”
boy 2: “it snowed last night, and i took a shortcut through tyrone’s yard, and i ran into a fridge under the snow”
boy 1: “f-cking nigloos”

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