Nolfin it

to have amazing abs that laundry can in fact be washed on, be extremely attractive, be the idol of all women, row like a beast, play guitar, write your own songs, and have enough charisma to fill a boathouse. people who ‘nolf it’ commonly gain the affection of all adults and young people alike. young people want to ‘nolf it’ and older people wish that their children could ‘nolf it’.
nick: look at luke ‘nolfin it’, he is such a playa!
sam: i wish i was like luke, seeing his abs is like looking upon the ark of the covenant!
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the act of transcending the human condition to achieve a feat beyond that of mere mortals. inspired by the great poet, underwear model and composer, luke egenolf. typically applies to the sport of rowing.
coach: whats your strategy for the 2k today jim?
jim: i am going to pull a power 200.
coach: you could have just said you are nolfin’ it.

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