being unaware of your actions or responsabilities
jacob was suco a nooser when he arrived home

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  • piece of paper

    this is the act of getting incredibly high from smoking weed. when you get so stupid high that you feel almost two dimensional. getting this high makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to move. “man, that huge dab turned me into a piece of paper.”

  • qwerty syndrome

    the state of being so bored you look up qwertyuiop or some other random string of letters. i frequently suffer from qwerty syndrome when i have to do something for work.

  • Slay some peen

    an encouraging phrase from one a friend to another with the intentions of having s-xual relations in the near future requiring the retrieving end to have a p-n-s. happy birthday , hope you had an amazing night. slay some peen this year!

  • ding dong diggiriggidong

    silly words that can mean anything. ding dong diggiriggidong-things i like to say when i’m dancing, ding dong diggiriggidong silly words that can mean anything.

  • anythingally

    pomegranates suck anythingally blah blah blah abby is a loser.

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