to treat, combine, or enrich with :
to oxygenate the blood.
historical examples

take several long, deep breaths, oxygenate the bloodstream, then fill the lungs once and slide down under the surface.
the sensitive man poul william anderson

can you breathe freely and easily the proper amount of air to oxygenate your blood and give you health and strength?
aims and aids for girls and young women george sumner weaver

the iron must be dissolved in nitro-muriatic acid, to oxygenate those two bodies.
a dictionary of arts, manufactures and mines andrew ure

to enrich or be enriched with oxygen: to oxygenate blood

oxygenate ox·y·gen·ate (ŏk’sĭ-jə-nāt’) or ox·y·gen·ize (-jə-nīz’)
v. ox·y·gen·at·ed or ox·y·gen·ized, ox·y·gen·at·ing or ox·y·gen·iz·ing, ox·y·gen·ates or ox·y·gen·iz·es
to treat, combine, or infuse with oxygen.
to combine or mix with oxygen, as in a physical, chemical, or biological system. blood is oxygenated in the lungs.

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