of or relating to the roman catholic church.
historical examples

exception was taken to them in parkers time as too papistical, and he got the heralds to change them.
cambridge mildred anna rosalie tuker

yet do not be afraid of my re-reading it to you from the mystic, nonsensical, and papistical side.
mornings in florence john ruskin

what papistical abominations have you been teaching the child, kitty?
the beth book sarah grand

“a papistical cur, and white-livered at that,” the bravo answered.
the path of the king john buchan

nay,” she said, “it is not we that flout him, but these papistical knaves which do flout us for his sake.
robin tremayne emily sarah holt

such is the example of holiness that the flock may receive of the papistical bishops.
the history of the reformation of religion in scotland john knox

ascham not only abhorred all italians as papists, but all italian books as papistical.
amenities of literature isaac disraeli

“you set it down they be papistical somewhat too soon, aunt,” said aubrey a little irritably.
it might have been emily sarah holt

the fortunes of the papistical stuarts are foundered for ever.
ringan gilhaize john galt

secundus curio, in one of his works, describes two heavens—the papistical and the christian heaven.
history of the reformation in the sixteenth century (volume 1) j. h. merle d’aubign

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