putting up with men’s sh-t
i need to take a walk, i’m tired of p.u.w.m.s.

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  • paint by numbers

    a person, usually female who wears enough make-up to resemble a painting. due to the specificity of make-up locations, it becomes a paint-by-numbers picture where certain colors go to a certain point. dude, did you see jody’s make-up tonight? yeah man, she looked like a total paint by numbers

  • pascal special

    when someone gets f-ck-d on a bathroom floor or any other strange place for s-x 1). “yeah she said she had bruises cause he gave her a pascal special.” “nice.”

  • pearl earring

    when a woman who you have no interest in ever seeing again is giving you oral s-x, and you pull it out, turn her head, and release right into her ear. i didn’t want to tell her that she was too ugly for me to bone, so i let her down getnly by giving her […]

  • pdrk

    people’s demokratik republik of kalifornia i am moving to az where the rtkba is still respected unlike in the pdrk.

  • pearl factory

    a b-tchy woman who has so much sand in her v-g-n-, kept at such a high pressure, that it calcifies and produces pearls. dude 1: “i met this cute chick last night but jane kept c-ckblocking me.” dude 2: “d-mn, what a pearl factory!”

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