a filipino/tagalog word that came from the word “papansin” which means attention seeker.

pampam is papansin’s shorthand version. pampam’s implication is negative in nature. pampam is a new word coined to subst-tute for “k.s.p” or kulang sa pansin ( lack of attention ) .

* inside a private school *
* stupidboy told some “not so funny” jokes while the teacher is giving a lecture. ”
geekboy: pampam ka. (you’re an attention seeker)
can mean extrem pansy or a a person who works in the fuge packing department>
hey pam-pam go f-ck yourself!
a crazy funny kinda shy wild girl that might take sum time to get use to but u will end up loving her more than anything, she’s ur best friend and the best friend u could have
i love my pam pam

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