god-sent employee you totally want to hire!
i am hiring that girl rightaway… she’s a straight-up paroma!

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  • retorable

    r-t-rded mixed with adorable. my girl is so wasted! look at her, she’s so retorable

  • redonkaless

    burnis you are so redonkaless, i can’t stand it anymore

  • cooter scootin

    driving around looking for women hey ralph what are going on tonight? “doing a little cooter scootin.”

  • tie on a jag

    tie on a jag is a phrase originated in northeast pennsylvania. it refers to getting f-cked up on either beer or weed or both. instead of saying hey wanna get f-cked up to night you would say let’s tie on a jag. joe: hey jake want to go tie on a jag tonight?

  • i'm not saying, i'm just saying

    insulting someone, while still being polite. guy: tiffany’s ugly as sh-t. guy 2: wait, what? guy: i’m not saying, i’m just saying guy 2: eh, guess you’re right. she is pretty f-cking ugly

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