group of of organized people of posses the highest level of pettiness.
yo pettyskwad don’t play!

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  • a slatfish

    getting highly intoxicated and screaming as loud as you can; “i love my girlfriend!” oh man johnnys doing a slatfish!

  • taunt the one eyed weasel

    euphemism for masturbation. person 1: “wanna go to the mall?” person2: “no sorry, i gotta go taunt the one-eyed weasel.”

  • ankle cracker

    a small person that has no other talents than being able to crack ankles due to their short stature. person 1: “d-mn, that peyton is such an ankle cracker.” person 2: “yeah, no one even saw her coming.”

  • asian weeaboo

    a j-panese man (or a woman) that is obsessed with america weeaboo: i love j-pan asian weeaboo: i love americaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • chum about

    to hang out with a friend just because there’s nothing else to do. wanna chum about on friday? sure! wanna chum about on friday? sure!

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