korean for p-ssy. girl parts. something gi’s all over 2d pay for.
i can’t believe “poji” isn’t listed already. my chaji (d-ck) is hard. i need some poji.

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  • Pontifigate

    the ongoing, unfolding global s-x-abuse crisis in the roman catholic church. coined by mary valle, a writer for killing the buddha and the revealer. (pontiff = pope. pontificate, a word derived from pontiff + watergate.) “watergate seemed like so much fun, but pontifigate is making me feel quite nauseated.”

  • Poo at Paul's

    to sh-g your mates best friend. based on the catchphrase from the glade advert. i want to do a poo at paul’s!

  • pooch hooch

    a non-alcoholic “beer” for man’s best friend. fred: everytime i open a brewski now, duke shoots me one of his “hey, where the h-ll is my beer?” looks… if we’re having a beer, he’s gotta have a pooch hooch! tom: priceless! john: duke’s no fool, he just wants to be one of the guys! pooch […]

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