acronym for plain old java object.
java beans are pojos but enterprise java beans are not.
a word describing something cool and rather poofy.
your pants are totally pojo, dude.
pig out, jerk off.
i’m gonna go home and pojo.
a nonsensical unit of measurement used to describe how old a certain internet joke or phenomenon is.
“all your base” and the star wars kid are atleast 7 pojos old.
someone who mods or hacks
person 1: omg i just found a guy pojoing.
person 2: what an -sshole.
person 3: i know right i spent my life trying to get through without pojoing and this guy ends up doing it, what a waste of time!
a name you use for something or someone when you cant think of anything else to call them.
look! it’s pojo!

gawd, you’re being such a pojo.

that pojo is wack.
verb describing the s-xual act of position 69 performed by h-m-s-xual men.
shawn and sean love to pojo, i heard them for hours last night.

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