pucker button

the small pink hole of one’s -sshole
he stuck a finger in her “pucker b-tton”

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  • pull your pistol

    to pull ones p-n-s out in antic-p-tion of s-x with an unknown female g1: my dad told me to just pull your pistol, so i did, and this b-tch started staring at it g2: wat’d she say g1 you better start firing that thing or i’ll disarm you!

  • pulp fiction moment

    essentially deja vu, but differing from deja vu in that it is reminding you of a scene from the most righteous movie pulp fiction. when this occurs you have a feeling of ent-tlement, allowing you to break into pulp fiction dialog. your buddy uses your towel and gets it bl–dy and in indignation you get […]

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  • pump her full of [name]

    expression used for the act of s-x. “i’m gonna pump her full of frank.”

  • purple nerple

    1 (verb) to pinch someones nipple really hard then twist untill the victim starts screaming for their mother 2 (noun) the result of a purple nerple. just like the word says, your nipple turns purple “yo man you a peice of peice im gonna give you a purple nerple” “not the nipples!….. ooooooowwwwww!!!” sneaking up […]

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