put someone (you) on the map

to cause (eg. a town, an actor, a trend, etc.) to become well-known or important.
thesaurus: establish, bring fame to, make famous, glorify, make (slang).
examples: put someone (you) on the map

girl: i don’t want to “talk” to you any more, or be in a relationship with you!?!
guy: hold on?!?
girl: what?!?
guy: you think you the sh-t cause guys on you now? but i put you on the map!?! n-body was even f-cking with you. but hey do you.

vice verse

guy: i been dealing with some things. its me, not you.
girl: you think you, bad now? none of those females wanted you! you was b-mmy before i bought you clothes and let you use my car, got you a phone… etc. non of those girls wanted anything to do with you!
guy: man, you lost your mind.
girl: i put you on the map. but hey do you.

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