when an original owner of an mmorpg account has sold his/her account to a buyer. after a certain time has p-ssed where usually a paypal transaction cannot be reserved the original owner decides to call the company to gain access back to his account, because it was ‘hacked’ while the original owner has the original information needed the buyer does not.

also note in most cases the name where the account is registered on will always remain the same even when the buyer buys it from the original owner.
matt: it’s been 5 months now since i sold my world of warcraft account…
andrew: you should play this game again.
matt: yeah. i am going to. i recalled my account yesterday i was on the phone with blizzard and they are giving me back access to my account soon when i supply them with my personal information they need.
andrew: rofl i’m sure the buyer will be happy.

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