red dogs

a red headed doushebag who lived in a van half his life plays a battery powered drum and mooches off of people to fund drinking and drug habits
your new bf is such a red dog
police, when u see the lights on the top of a cop car flash. “red” dogs
get of the block. u see them them red dogs flashin.
term that refers to a guy who bangs his girlfriend with out the use of a condom on multiple occasions.

similar to red meat, he’s using his red dog.
dude, did you hear cindy got knocked up?

no sh-t?!

yeah man, sal red dogged her one time to many!!!

haha oh sh-t, hes f-cked!!!
95 cent plus depo beer (malt liquior)
hey im broke lets get some red dog tongight
the ultimate human being. destined to be the richest man in the world. is not black or white but is red all over. his skin is as red as his eyebrows and his eyebrows are as red as reddog’s valentine which red “you are a red as a rose”. a genius whose many talents are not recognised in today’s society.
“hey reddog did u get laid friday night” “nah mann, but i kissed her foot”
“reddog you look pretty d-mn hot” “a ba derr, i just had pe”
the best guy ever to roam the earth. has red hair and red skin, red eyebrows and he is quick on his toes, example:

red dog: “spell science”
kye: “s c i e n c e”
red dog: “now spell it with your eyes closed!”

reddog is quite the ladies man…

red dog:
have u got a b-tch bud
red dog:
man i need a dame women
red dog:
i need one
red dog:
i deserve a b-tch

one day he will be rich and famous and on tv and he knows it:

reddog: “well if i wana be a healthy redy through life , i gotta stay fit and know wat foods to eat etc, to make me live longer and happyer, i dont want to die young u know, i am think’n the world will need reddy in the furtue.”
“hey did u hear reddogs joke the other day it was quite lame”

“haha i want to know what reddog gets in the school certificate”

“woah did u just see reddog throw a rock at that teachers face hah the teacher has to go to hospital”

“the sky is the limit when u have the skill and interlect of reddog”
aka glen sontego
the raddest dude in the world, also one of the dumbest, can pull a well ugly face
whytey: i heard reddog sucks at footy
shotty: he does
reddog: nah mate im good
whytey and shotty together: shut the f-ck up reddog
having s-x with a girl on her period, without using a condom.
i ran out of rubbers, so i went red dog on her last night. works great to relieve her b-tching and/or nagging.

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