this is used in fanfiction to describe a slash story that involves remus lupin and sirius black being together romantically. it is by far one of the hottest pairings in fanfiction out there. any fangirl (like myself) will tell you they were meant to be.
random harry potter fan: but in the book it says remus/sirius embraced like brothers.
fangirl: embraced like brothers my -ss!
any harry potter fangirl will tell you that it is one of the hottest slash pairings in fan fiction it involves the characters remus lupin and sirius black, being involved together romantically. usually involves lots of sm-t.
fangirl: wow, remus/sirius is the hottest pairing eva!
random hp fan: what? remus and sirius arent gay together!
fangirl: yes they are!!!
random hp fan: um, in the third book, it says they embraced like “brothers”.
fangirl: embraced like brothers my -ss!

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