respite care

taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

in 1985, i was so stressed out, i believed, you should never use physical punishment, but i had spanked my child.
i confessed to my doctor and he referred me to an organization the could help.

in 1985, california’s dcfs had a “respite program” & i was accepted.

the rules for a respite program partic-p-nt.

i was required to have a licensed/approved babysitter take care of all my children, only 2 for me.
i was required to have the sitter take over my responsibilities for 4 hours, once a week.

i was required to have the same exact day each week and the same four hours each week.

i was required to agree that i would not do any ch-r-s or any errands during that 4 hours.
it was suggested that i start out the program, by spending r hours at the local park.
i must use those 4 hours only to do “fun” things.

everyone’s “fun” activities are different, so 4 hours just enjoying a view (the park) will help you to discover or re-discover your “fun” choices.

the program lasted 3 months with a possible 3 more months.
the program was ” just what the doctor

ordered”, it worked wonders.

in 1991, i discovered an acquaintance that was in dire need of respite care.
she suffered from “chronic stress”.

i provided her with the rules and volunteered to be her replacement.
she agreed, 4 months later, she was a totally different and much happier and healthier person and mother.
my 4 hours per week of “respite care” has greatly improved my quality of life.

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