to puke all over someone’s house
my friend just sandered all over his house.
a guy who is almost too s-xy, ya know, like he ain’t from this earth.
real down to earth person too.
plays great guitar– better than jimi hendrix i would say.
#-it’s a bird.
$-it’s a plain!
#-no, it’s sander.

$-d-mn i love him so much
a well-respected, brilliant leader of men, but a teddy bear at heart. it’s probably why it’s the name over winnie the pooh’s door.
there was complete and utter chaos until sanders arrived, then there was a warm and fuzzy feeling over all…
a sanders is a person who can tell it like it is while having the b-lls to do what he wants when he wants. he is a made man who has finally made it to the big time, a true baller. a real sanders exhibits an exuberant knowledge the finer things in life that are often not experienced by common society, such as an eye for fine automobiles, a refined taste in women and is a cannabis connoisseur.
hey bro, you looked like a true sanders when you were yolkin that maro with a j hangin’ off your lip.

only a true sanders could roll a joint like bob marly.

wow, look at those two fine beezys with the homie!hes sure is one h-ll of a sanders!
n: sander- a stoner-type. friends with almost everyone, mostly for the fact that they always have weed.

v: sander- to smoke weed.

adj: sandered- to be stoned.
carson: dude, i totally got sander’d yesterday

karli: how much sander did you sander?

carson: i’m not sure. aks sander.
the definition of baller; a pothead
d-mn dude, sanders is f-ckin chill!

hahaha that kids a sanders he smokes so much dank
the man. the myth. the legend.

the author of “the german table” and a professor at keuka college he is only known by the name “sander.”
“man, i got sander in 5 minutes. some sh-t.”
to receive a handjob from a girl wearing rings.
ow d-mn, i got a sander from sarah yesterday, that sh-t hurt like h-ll

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