to give yourself a nickname, or hype yourself to an unnecessary degree.
richard : mojo shoots! mojo scores!!!
clay : who the h-ll is mojo?
richard : i am.
clay : who gave you that nickname?
richard : i kinda came up with it myself.
clay : no one like self-gloss, dude.
fabricate and promote a nick name for yourself within a group when you haven’t done enough to earn it.
carson: man, the unbelievable cr-p i put out my plebe year plus the picture of that catfish b-tch tebowing last year…i hereby declare myself king of the new generation bteam emailers!

keiser: no so fast, tool.

danno: you kinda make me uncomfortable. just not kool.

wigg: don’t self-gloss, fool. wtf?

swany: shut up, big baby.

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