to pull a shem is to fake a suicide attempt on social media, thus causing a lot of ruckus in attempt to contact with the individual using the police or that persons legal guardians.
person one: sh-t dude, i think that jenkins is going to take his own life tonight!
person two: nah dude, he’s just pulling a shem.

person one: nothing means anything anymore.
person two: stop being such a shem.
in reference to a person. equivalent of ‘dude’. began as ‘sham’ (n. irish)
“‘right shem? what’s the craic?”
“gon ask that shem for a f-g.”
to be a hero, does outrageous stunts and pranks, well like person
that kid just locked the teacher out of the cl-ss, what a shem
hebrew for “name”. it’s a ghetto term in yerushalayim used by all those yids of mine.
(singsongy) ha shem is here, ha shem is there, ha shem is everywhere!
to be a clown. act like an idiot. to get kicked out of a bar or club
ron your a shem, you left shaf at the greek.
sarcastic way to respond to a statement or to express regret at the way a situation turned out. essentially “that’s a shame” with an added sense of arrogance or lack of regard.
person 1: “my dog died today”
person 2: “shem”

person 1: “oh no, i can’t find my wallet”
person 2: “what a shem”
an abbriviation of fa shem
an italian curse that means ‘sperm of the devil’
jamie oliver fa-shem

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